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Eminem is currently dating Julia McNew. She has been his girlfriend for a while and they can often be seen on the red carpet being intimate as couples generally are.

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Is Eminem dating anyone currently?

No, he is not.

Who is Eminem dating?

Eminem is divorced from Kim Scott and currently single.

Are Nicki Minaj and Eminem dating?

As of today Eminem and Nicki Minaj are NOT DATING. Nicki is currently dating someone who's name is not publicly known.

Who does Eminem date?

eminem is currently not dating but has been married two different time to a woman by the name of Kim Scott

Does Eminem have a new girlfriend?

Eminem understandably has trust issues. He is not currently dating anyone, but does wish that he could be in a relationship. The problem is trusting people.

Is Eminem dating Skylar Grey?

No. Skylar has denied dating Eminem in several interviews.

Is Eminem dateing anyone?

NO....eminem is not dating anybody

Where is Eminem haily at?

Hailie currently lives with eminem

Rihanna and eminem dating?


Is Eminem dating Rihanna?

No he is not.

Is Eminem dating Asley Green?

No he's not dating Asley Green. Eminem is already married and has 3 daughters.

Is Nicki minaj dating eminem?


Is eminem dating Sasha gray?


Is eminem married married now 2010?

Eminem is not currently married

Is eminem really 38?

Yes, Eminem really is currently 38.

Where does Eminem live at?

Eminem currently lives in Clinton township. in a gated community.

Where does Eminem live now in 2010?

Eminem currently lives in Macomb Michigan.

Why did Mariah lie about dating Eminem?

She lied about dating Eminem because Nick Cannon was having problems with Mariah and still thought she and Eminem still had something going on so she told him they never went out and this is her way of getting back at Eminem also.

Who is Katie linzay currently dating?

she is currently dating joey

Is Eminem dating Martha garcia from Michigan?

No he is not. The Myspace Eminem who she's friends with is a fake one.

Who is Lady Gaga currently dating?

She is currently dating Michael Polansky.

Where Does Eminem Live Currently?

central Michigan

Who is currently the best rapper?

Eminem is the best

Did eminem have a brother?

Yes Eminem does have a brother. His name is Nathan and goes by Nate. He is currently living with Eminem and aspiring to be a rapper also.

Is Eminem dating anyone?

Yes Sumer Roberts