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Who is Ernst Haeckel?

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Ernst Haeckel was an embryologist, or a scientist who studies embryos. He is most famous for an observation of embryos used to compare the development of embryos to the process of macro-evolution. Allegedly he compromised the integrity of the experiment by assuming some phases instead of drawing them from observation in order to save time.

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When was Ernst Haeckel born?

Ernst Haeckel was born on February 16, 1834.

What is the birth name of Ernst Haeckel?

Ernst Haeckel's birth name is Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel.

Where did ernst haeckel live?

Ernst Haeckel lived in a place called Potsdam, which was then part of Prussia, and is now part of Germany.

What are facts about Ernst Haekel?

Ernst Haeckel was a German artist

Who is the father of ecology?

Ernst Haeckel

When did Ernst Haeckel die?

when he was 85

How old was ernst haeckel when he died?


When did Ernst Haeckel work?

in 1895-1899,

Who coined the term ecology?

Ernst Haeckel.

Who coined the term protista?

Ernst Haeckel

What is Ernst Haeckel's birthday?

Ernst Haeckel was born on February 16, 1834.

How did ernst Haeckel create his artworks?

Haeckel made watercolor sketches. From those lithographic plates were produced.

What did ernst haeckel draw and why?

he drew sea creatures

When was ernst haeckel born and died?

Ernst Haeckel was born on February 16, 1834 in Potsdam, Prussia(now Germany). He died on August 09, 1919 in Jena, Germany.

What processes and media did Ernst Haeckel use in his artworks?

Haeckel made watercolor sketches. From those lithographic plates were produced.

Who was Ernst Haeckel and what was his contribution towards taxonomy?

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Who was the founder of ecology?

Ernst Haeckel. He is the person who coined the term, Ecology.

What did ernst haeckel do?

He was a painter and separated protoctists into a kingdom called protoctista

What nationality did Ernst Haeckel come from?

He was German, born in Potsdam near Berlin.

What has the author Peter Klemm written?

Peter Klemm has written: 'Ernst Haeckel'

Who did Ernst Haeckel work for?

He was a professor of comparative anatomy at the University of Jena for most of his life.

What sea life did Ernst Haeckel draw?

sea animals, shells, weeds etc

What did Ernst Haeckel draw?

Sea life, radiolarian (various marine protozoans) to be exact.

Who painted picture woman on beach with hat and book?

Ernst Haeckel the German painter.............

Who created the recapiculation theory?

" Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. " Ernst Haeckel. Now considered incorrect.

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