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Graeme Smith (born February 1, 1981 in Johannesberg) is a South African cricketer who is, as of December 2013, the captain of the Test side.

A prolific batsman, Graeme Smith maintains a Test batting average of just under 50 runs per innings.

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When was Graeme Smith born?

Graeme Smith was born on February 1, 1981.

How old is Graeme Smith?

Graeme Smith is 30 years old (birthdate: February 1, 1981).

What is Graeme Smith's birthday?

Graeme Smith was born on February 1, 1981.

When was Graeme Smith - radio presenter - born?

Graeme Smith - radio presenter - was born on 1983-05-16.

What is Graeme Smith famous for?

Graeme Smith, born Graeme Craig Smith on February 1, 1981, is a famous cricketer from South Africa. At age 22, he was the youngest captain on the South African team, he is a left-handed batsman.

Does graeme smith have a girlfriend?

No he Is to busy not getting runs for the Proteas.

Has Graeme Smith married?

Yes. Graeme Smith married Irish singer Morgan Deane on the 6 August 2011. The couple were married at St Bernard's church in Cape Town.

How much does a cricket captain like graeme smith get paid?

The Cricket captain Graeme Smith plays for South Africa. His yearly salary is an estimated £40,000. The details of his contract is not public knowledge.

Who is the highest run getter in 2008 in ODs?

graeme smith-1,867 dhoni-1,799

Who is the South Africa's cricket team captian?

The South African cricket captain is Graeme Smith

South Africa cricket team captain?

Graeme Smith is the current captain of South Africa cricket team.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Backshop Show - 2011?

The cast of The Backshop Show - 2011 includes: Daniel Cudmore as Chunk Graeme Morgan Graeme Morgan as Wierd Luc Rivard as Reach Bonn Smith Bonn Smith as PP Roy Tighe Roy Tighe as Roy Tighe

Who was the Captain of the South African cricket team in 2008?

Graeme smith was the Captain of South African Cricket team in 2008.

Who is the famous sports star of South Africa?

Graeme smith and Jacques kallis are the famous sports star of south africa.

What is the birth name of Graeme Edler?

Graeme Edler's birth name is Graeme Thomas.

What is the birth name of Graeme Noble?

Graeme Noble's birth name is Graeme Donald Noble.

What is the birth name of Graeme Baitz?

Graeme Baitz's birth name is Graeme Andrew Baitz.

What is the birth name of Graeme Swann?

Graeme Swann's birth name is Graeme Peter Swann.

What is the birth name of Graeme Edge?

Graeme Edge's birth name is Graeme Charles Edge.

What is the birth name of Graeme Garden?

Graeme Garden's birth name is David Graeme Garden.

What is the birth name of Graeme Craddock?

Graeme Craddock's birth name is Graeme Leonard Craddock.

Who is the captain of the proteas cricket team?

The captain was graeme smith but he has retired recently and the captain,most probably is ab de villiers

What is the birth name of Graeme Sands?

Graeme Sands's birth name is Graeme John Jeffery Sands.

Who are graeme clarks siblings?

It is not known who Graeme Clark's siblings are or if he even has siblings. Graeme Clark is an Australian doctor.

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