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Who is Joseph Wilbrand?

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Joseph Wilbrand was a German chemist. He invented trinitrotoluene in 1863. It is also known as TNT. In 1863, he made a breakthrough in field of thermo chemistry by inventing trinitrotoluene or TNT which was obtained by the nitration of toluene.

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Is Joseph wilbrand same as Julius wilbrand?

No, Joseph was juilis's father.

When was Joseph Wilbrand Born?

Joseph Wilbrand was born on August 22, 1839 in Germany. He was a chemist who is credited with discovering trinitrotoluene.

Who invented Trinitrotoluene?

Joseph Wilbrand.

Did Joseph Wilbrand commit suicide?


When did Joseph wilbrand invent tnt?


Who invented tnt?

German chemist Joseph Wilbrand

What are the dates of birth and death of Joseph Wilbrand?


When did Hermann Wilbrand die?

Hermann Wilbrand died in 1935.

When was Hermann Wilbrand born?

Hermann Wilbrand was born in 1851.

When did Julius Wilbrand die?

Julius Wilbrand died in 1906.

When was Julius Wilbrand born?

Julius Wilbrand was born in 1839.

When did Wilbrand van Oldenburg die?

Wilbrand van Oldenburg died in 1233.

Inventor of TNT?

TNT or Trinitrotoluene was invented by the German chemist, Joseph Wilbrand, in 1863. (Not to be confused with Dynamite which was invented by Alfred Nobel)

What is Charcot-Wilbrand syndrome?

Charcot-Wilbrand is a type of syndrome that involves dream loss. This syndrome often occurs after a person suffers from focal brain damage. It is sometimes known as mind blindness.

When was Trinitrotoluene invented?

TNT was first prepared in 1863 by German chemist Julius Wilbrand- and originally used as an orange dye.

Was tnt invented by mistake?

Kinda... TNT was discovered in 1863 by Joseph Wilbrand. At that time it was not known as an explosive. In fact it wasn't discovered that it was explosive until 30 years and the Germans started producing it for industrial purposes in the 1890s it wasn't until 1902 until the German army started using it. I'm not sure who first discovered that TNT was a high explosive.

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