Who is Joshua Frase?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Joshua Frase is a boy who has a muscle desease called Mytotubular Myopathy.

There's a LOT to type so I'll finish it if you know if any of y'all EVER want to know about this kid who I think is very stong if he can life 13 years and STILL be living with that kind of desease.Just be lucky that you don't have that desease.If you do or did then you would have to stuggle EVERY single day because that desease it weakens ALL of your muscles VERY badly.So if I were you i'd um ugh I had an idea and it was at he top of my tongue to.Oh well.oh ya.Be proud of your parents especcally your *mom* for keeping you healthy through the whole pregnentcy thing.

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Q: Who is Joshua Frase?
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