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Kanye West is currently dating Kim Kardashian.

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Q: Who is Kanye West dating?
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Who is dating Kanye West?

Kanye West is currently dating Kim Kardashian.

Are Kanye West and Amber Rose dating?

no rihanna is dating kanye

Are Kanye West and Beyonce dating?

No,from what I know.

What is Kanye West's girlfriend name?

Kanye West is dating Kim Kardashian, and they have a daughter.

Who is Kanye West dating now?

kim kardashian

Is Lady Gaga dating Kanye West?

she was not anymore

Is Kim Kardashian dating Kanye West?


Is Kanye West dating kim kardashion?

yes people say they are dating

Is kim kardashion datin Kanye West?

Yes they are dating

Is Kanye West dating Amber Rose?

No! wiz kalifia is now

Is Kanye West dating Beyonce?

NO! She's married to Jay-Z

Is Keri Hilson dating?

It is a rumor she's dating kanye west but we don't really know for sure.

Is Kanye West a shark?

Nooo he is a famous singer who is dating kim kardashion

Is keri hilson and Kanye West a couple?

No, he is currently dating model Amber Rose.

Does Kanye West have a girl friend?

Yes, he is currently dating model Amber Rose.

Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian dating?

Yes they are they were seen wearing matching outfits.

How tall is Kanye West?

Kanye West is 5'9

Is Kanye West a Muslim?

No, Kanye West is not a Muslim.

What nationality is Kanye West?

Kanye West is American.

Is Kanye West tall?

Kanye West is 5'9

Who is kanye west father?

is cornell west the father of Kanye west

What is Kanye West' s real name?

Kanye West is his real name. (Kanye Omari West)

Do keri hilson and Kanye go out?

yes kanye and Keri are dating because they always are doing songs together and kissing in them and before the best female award she kissed kanye there you have it they are dateing.

Is Kanye West a freemason?

no he is not yep kanye west is not a freemason

Who produced diamonds are forever by Kanye West?

Kanye west.