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Who is Len Bias?


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Len Boas died of Cocaine overdose.

Len Bias (not Boas) was number #2 overall pick in the NBA draft and was ACC player of the year, would have likely been a hall of famer (will never know now?) but was a flat out phenom! Celtics would have been unstoppable with him and their hall of fame roster! His death created many new laws on drugs (most too extreme) but his death is definatley reconanized for waking up the country on drug use and how dangerous it was. It has been said it was his first time he ever used, that is up for debate, but autopsy said cocaine was very pure, way to strong for most people!


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Len Bias was born on November 18, 1963.

Len Bias died on June 19, 1986 at the age of 22.

Len Bias's birth name is Leonard Kevin Bias.

Len Bias was pronounced dead at Leland Memorial Hospital in Riverdale, MD.

Len Bias died on June 19, 1986 at the age of 22.

Len Bias was born on November 18, 1963 and died on June 19, 1986. Len Bias would have been 22 years old at the time of death or 51 years old today.

Len Bias was born on November 18, 1963.

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