Who is Megaman X?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Megaman X is a robot made by the late Dr. Light. He was also the first robot in a new generation of robots - reploids - who can think and make their own desicions.

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Q: Who is Megaman X?
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Is Megaman X7 in megaman X collection?

I want to know if Megaman X7 is in Megaman X collection no it is not i own the game and it is not in the game the one that is is the megaman x 1-6 and the unlockable megaman battle and chase racing game

Is Megaman Megaman X if so or not can anyone provide the source link?

megaman x and megaman are different, check wikipedia or many of the other pages on the net

Is megaman the same robot as megaman X?

No. Megaman X is just a future robot made by Dr. Light that's design was based off of the original Megaman.

Does zero face x in the Megaman x series?

zero faced x in megaman x2 if u didn't collect the zero parts and in megaman x5

How do you download megaman x5 trainer?

my megaman x 5 my very game

Does Megaman x command mission take place after or before Megaman x 8?

I think Command Mission actually takes place before Megaman x7 with the introduction of Axl

Who loves Megaman x?


Does zero of the Megaman zero series become the zero in Megaman X?

its actually the reverse. In the Megaman X series zero can either be sealed away into a capsule or the series continues as normal. The capsule ending signals the beginning of the megaman Zero series.

Is megaman x command misson for pC?

No it did not.

What is Megaman x 9?

Megaman x9 has not yet been created , and probably wont be sadly. Now that Infaune (the Megaman creator) has left capcom ,the future looks rather bleak for Megaman.

Was Kirby made before megaman X?

Yes.Kirby's Adventure came out March 26th,1993.Megaman X came out December 17th, 1993.

Megaman x7 zero's black armorZ?

is the black zero in megaman x 7 please tell me