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She married Christian Corry in 1994 and divorced him in 2001.

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Who is mia hamms husdand?

mia hamms husband is nomar garciaparra

What is mia hamms favorite color?

mia hamms favorite color is purple

What was Mia Hamms first team?

Mia Hamms first team was in a soccer league in her home town

How old is Mia Hamms husband?

well Mia Hamms old Husband is 88 and mia hamm is only 38 he is not her husband now she got in a divorse in 2001

What is mia hamms job?

mia hamm is a soccer player so ya

Was mia hamms family in the military?


What are Mia Hamms biggest fears?

Mia Hamms biggest fear is of red ants. She faints every time she sees one. She has problems, BIG problems.

Who were mia hamms parents?

Bill and Stephanie Hamm

What is mia hamms dads name?

Mia Hamm's fathers name is Bob Hamm

What is mia hamms child hood?

Her father is Bill Hamm

Who are mia hamms kids?

Grace Isabella and Ava Caroline

What is mia hamms record?

Mia Hamm has the record for most goals scored-men or women- at 158

Is Mia hamms brother Garrett older then her?

mia hamm's brother Garrett is older by three years

What is Mia Hamms Yearly salary?

Mia Hamm makes $2 million from endorsements off of the field

What was Mia hamms first job?

yes she worked as a nurse in France

What are Mia Hamms talents?

Mia Hamm is a gifted athlete. She played soccer professionally and for the United States in the Olympics.

What are mia hamms sisters names?

her sisters names are lovdy, Tiffany, and Coraline

What are mia hamms daughters names?

Ava and grace they are twins and look the same

What is Mia Hamms siblings names?

Garret, Lovdy, Martin, Tiffany and Caroline.

What is mia hamms husbands job?

Nomar Garciaparra is her husband and he is a baseball player

What is mia hamms husbands job that he works for?

Nomar Garciaparra is a baseball player

What is mia hamms favorite activities?

her favorite activities are soccer, American soccer.

What was mia hamms fathers name?

Mia's father's name is Bill Hamm.

What was Mia Hamms main accomplishment?

olympic medal women soccer player

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