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Pamela Anderson is a really pretty women who is now 40 years old she used to be a Baywatch Lifeguard on the 1980's program "Baywatch", she also has two kids Dylan and Brandon.


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Nope, there is no relation between Pamela Anderson and Loni Anderson.

Pamela Anderson was born on July 1, 1967.

Nobody. As of the 15th of November 2015, Pamela Anderson is alive.

Pamela Anderson has an estimated net worth is $5 million.

Pamela Denise Anderson stared in 17 movies

Pamela Anderson is 50 years old (birthdate: July 1, 1967).

No, Pamela Anderson is alive in her 40s. She is still doing ads and campaigning for PETA.

No. As of the 15th of November 2015, Pamela Anderson is still alive.

Pamela Anderson from baywatch

Pamela Anderson's mother is Carol Anderson.

No she is not. Pamela Anderson does not have a daughter.

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Pamela Anderson is an actress and Playboy model. She does not give out her personal email to the general public.

David Hasselhoff appeared on Baywatch before Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson got divorced in April 2015, and as of November 2015 that is her current status.

A2Z - 2004 Pamela Anderson was released on: USA: 2004

Pamela Anderson has huge knockers But Dolly Parton is bigger She has ENORMOUS knockers

Pamela Anderson played Becka Kotler in Scary Movie 3.

· Pamela Anderson (actress)

· Pamela Anderson (actress)

Pamela Anderson was born on July 1, 1967.

Pamela Anderson played the role of C.J. Parker from 1992-1997.

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