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Who is Robert patinson dating at the moment?


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he is dating the girl that plays mike's girl friend on twilight

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no, actually his favorite color at the moment is gray... and your in the wrong category.

Apparently, he's dating Kristen Stewart

It depends who you are if you like him just for the fame ,fortune, and his looks. You would not be a perfect couple with Robert Patinson.

Not at the moment but they are of and on.

i have no idea if he drinks. but he probably does

Robert pattinson admitted his celebrity crush is KRISTAN STEWART!!!!

Yes, Robert Pattinson does have siblings. He has two sisters.

They're not engaged, although they are dating.

Yes Robert Patinson does like Kristen Stewart. He even asked her to marry him a couple times when they were filming Twilight. Plus I think a lot of other people can see that he likes her too. But in case you are wondering I do not think Kristen Stewart likes Robert Patinson the same way he likes her.

Being British he has a British accent.

Robert Pattinson was either 17 or 18 when he started to act.

who knows? wat he is doing behind ur backs.SIGH! ----

The cops, in Remember. The girl's, cop Dad in Remember Me.

I think his feet size is ((40 )) .... TRUST ME WITH THAT ... LOL ;)

Because Kristen Stewart cheated on him.

Yes, Robert Pattinson proposed to Kristen Stewart. But it was more like a joke.

in the twilight saga : breaking dawn(great book!) Edward Cullen(Robert patinson) marries Bella swan(Kristen Stuart) and they have a half human half vampire child named renesme from Ilooovetwilight

Robert Patrick amell is not dating anyone at the moment, so all u girls out there think you have a chance with him, geuss what you don't cuz u no why me and hime talk and he said he likes me. ;)

Yes. He wears a wig in Twilight and Remember me. They showed it in an exclusive interview at his home.

They were going out but not anymore, they broke up recently :)

Rober is not dating Natalie. Rob does not have a girlfriend and does not want one right now. wat happend 2 Kristen Stewart

Yes he is amazing and the most wonderful actor ever!!!!!! He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Team edward baby!!!!!

Robert is dating Kristen Stewart

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