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he was a founder of the Chinese government

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Q: Who is Sun Yixian?
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Where did Sun Yixian rule?


What was Sun Yixian goals?

Sun Yixian planned to raise an army, defeat the warlords, and spread his government's rule over all of China.

What were sun yixian three goals?

Sun Yixian was the first president of China, and his tenure ran from 1866 to 1925. The three goals of Sun Yixian were to form a representative government, to end foreign domination and to ensure economic security for the Chinese citizens.

Who was the first leader of the Kuomintang?

sun yixian

Who founded the kuomintang?

Sun Yat-sen (also known as Sun Yixian)

What did Sun Yixian do?

Overthrew last emperor of Qing Dynasty

What did sun yixian revolutionary alliance accomplish?

Overthrowing the last emperor

Who was the Chinese reformer who became president of china in 1911?

Sun Yixian

What is the Boxer Rebellion and the work of Sun Yixian most closely associated with?

rise of nationalism in China

What was Sun Yat-sen political ideology?

His political ideology was :Nationalism, Sun Yat-sen also known as Sun Yixian believed in dying for his country.

Why was sun yixian unable to secure national unity after becoming president?

he lacked the authority and military support to secure national unity

What has the author Yixian Bo written?

Yixian Bo has written: 'Subordinations-Konstruktionen' -- subject(s): Chinese language, Nominals, Subordinate constructions

What did Sun yixian do for China?

Because he was the founder of Chinese goernment.he planned to raise an army ,defeat the warlords, spread his governments rules over china.

What has the author Yixian Mo written?

Yixian Mo has written: 'Mo gu gao chan zai pei' -- subject(s): Mushroom culture

What are three goals of sun yixian?

1. To end foreign domination 2. To form a representative government 3. To create economic security for the Chinese people

What cause sun's revolutionary alliance overtHow is the qing dynasty?

Groups pushed for modernization and nationalization. Sun Yixian was the first successfully leader. and you spelled overthrow wrong

What has the author Yixian Luo written?

Yixian Luo has written: 'Situ Leideng yu Yanjing da xue =' -- subject(s): Educational work, History, Missions, Yanjing da xue

Why did the new republic of china fall into chaos after 1912?

The new Republic of China fell into chaos after 1912 because of the mistakes of Yuan Shikai. In 1912, after Sun Yixian(AKA Sun Yat-Sen) stepped down as president in favor for him, Yuan Shikai tried to foolishly create another dynasty. However, the military didn't back him and opposition divided the nation.

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