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Who is Teresa Fidalgo?


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Portugal Car Accident - Teresa Fidalgo

David Rebordão is the creator of the short film "A Curva" about a mysterious female hitchhiker who is revealed to be a ghost. The entire clip and production procedures are available on his website in DVD format. (This ghost is not real. It's just a short film made by Rebordão.)

According to this site (Malditang Pinay), the content is as follows:


My name is David Rebordão and I am the author and producer of the short film "A Curva". After months of speculation, stuffed of fantastic theories about the film, the moment of the revelation arrives.

This website was created for you to know all the truth about the facts that gave rise to the most watched Portuguese short film of all time. Despite of several versions of the film that exist of for free download by available to all cybernauts, in this website you can acquire the complete version with twelve minutes of duration in DVD.

The DVD brings also an interview where I am going to relate all the trial of creation, my reactions about the spread of the film all around the world, the several forums that were created to talk about of the film, and to all the stories that were created from the imagination of the cybernauts. I also reveal the strategy that was behind the creation of the film, always with the objective of calling attention of the public for the others projects that are being developed.

I am going make movies for people; movies that can amuse."

(The movie in question is available on YouTube with a translation into English. See the Related link.)