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Portugal Car Accident - Teresa FidalgoDavid Rebordão is the creator of the short film "A Curva" about a mysterious female hitchhiker who is revealed to be a ghost. The entire clip and production procedures are available on his website in DVD format. (This ghost is not real. It's just a short film made by Rebordão.)

According to this site (Malditang Pinay), the content is as follows:


My name is David Rebordão and I am the author and producer of the short film "A Curva". After months of speculation, stuffed of fantastic theories about the film, the moment of the revelation arrives.

This website was created for you to know all the truth about the facts that gave rise to the most watched Portuguese short film of all time. Despite of several versions of the film that exist of for free download by available to all cybernauts, in this website you can acquire the complete version with twelve minutes of duration in DVD.

The DVD brings also an interview where I am going to relate all the trial of creation, my reactions about the spread of the film all around the world, the several forums that were created to talk about of the film, and to all the stories that were created from the imagination of the cybernauts. I also reveal the strategy that was behind the creation of the film, always with the objective of calling attention of the public for the others projects that are being developed.

I am going make movies for people; movies that can amuse."

(The movie in question is available on YouTube with a translation into English. See the Related link.)

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If Teresa Fildalgo really existed in 1983 in Portugal then she faced the judgment before Christ and is in hell if did not accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior during her lifetime or she in heaven if she got repented of her sins and accepted Jesus while she was alive.

Hebrews 9: 27 Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment, 28 so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

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A girl that scares me someone sent me a message about her it creeeped me out

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Teresa Fidalgo is a you woman who had died at the age of 27

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A women that died 27 years ago

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This is fake no need to freak outttt

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She is fake no need to fake out !!!!

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A killer

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A dumb@$

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Q: Who is Teresa Fidalgo?
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Related questions

Where can one find information about Teresa Fidalgo?

Teresa Fidalgo is reputed to have been killed in a car crash in Portugal in 1983 and now haunts the stretch of road where she was killed. The website Teresa Fidalgo recounts the story and there are also videos available on YouTube.

Is the Teresa Fidalgo story true?

As with most ghost stories, many people do, and many do not believe the ghost tale of Teresa Fidalgo is true. There was, however, a Teresa Fidalgo who died in a car accident in 1983. Reports have been made of her ghost hitchhiking the highway where she died.

Is Teresa fidalgo true?


Is Teresa Fidalgo still alive?


Is Teresa Fidalgo alive?


Is Teresa fidalgo real?

We believe ( me & abbie ), that the Teresa Fidalgo story is actually REAL.When abbie got the text, she actually had a car crash, because she didnt forward it.So best of luck. Be safe.~HollymayabbsLeigh~

How did Teresa Fidalgo die?

in 1983 she died around her 20s

Is Teresa Fidalgo a REAL person?

No, she isn't. The ghost was created to promote a film.

Who is Teresa Fildago?

Teresa Fidalgo es una mujer que cumplio 27 años the muerte

Who plays the ghost of Teresa Fidalgo?

The name of the woman who played Teresa Fidalgo in this video was not released as the video was originally intended to be passed off as reality until the producer, David Rebordão confessed it was a fake on his website.

Is the video on Youtube about Teresa Fidalgo real?

no people make up stuff

How old was Teresa fidalgo when she died?

she was about in her 20's.that is all i can say right now.

Should you pass on chainmail about Teresa fidalgo?

NO! it is incredibly annoying and it can scare people and itt blocks up peoples walls

What happened to Teresa Fidalgo?

The annoying chain mail that drives us crazy... Well, Teresa Fidalgo has apparently died in a car accident at 1983 in a small town in Portugal and we all have seen her "ghost" in a video... Thank God this video is fake and its creator admit it... In conclusion ghosts do not exist so do not be scared by fake films... :)

Is that video of Teresa Fidalgo true?

no, it is not true, My dad and me saw it and i went on here and she somehow died, make sure, u want be scared Thanks

When did Ubirajara Fidalgo die?

Ubirajara Fidalgo died in 1986.

When was Raquel Fidalgo born?

Raquel Fidalgo was born in Galicia, in Spain.

When was Josรฉ Fidalgo born?

José Fidalgo was born on 1979-08-05.

When was Miguel Fidalgo born?

Miguel Fidalgo was born on 1982-03-19.

When was Ubirajara Fidalgo born?

Ubirajara Fidalgo was born on 1949-06-22.

What nicknames does Julie Fidalgo go by?

Julie Fidalgo goes by Jules, and Ju.

Is theresa fidalgo true?

Well for me Theresa Fidalgo is fake. It is just a fantastic story. In fact the people that make the story are just trying to discover the reaction of others.

What has the author Lorenzo Ruiz Fidalgo written?

Lorenzo Ruiz Fidalgo has written: 'La imprenta en Salamanca, 1501-1600' -- subject(s): Early printed books

What actors and actresses appeared in O Fidalgo Aprendiz - 1970?

The cast of O Fidalgo Aprendiz - 1970 includes: Andrade e Silva as Man Passing By Varela Silva as D.Gil Cogominho

Will Teresa fidalgo come back to life?

There are two possible answers: Yes and No, Yes, when she made an agreement to a demon by sacrificing other souls or having something in exchange. And No, when she didn't do it, she will just go to hell when the judgment day has come or she will rest in peace when she have already found what she is looking for.

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