Who is Teresa from Inkheart?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Teresa is the girl Meggie's mother. When Mo was reading to her and baby Meggie, Teresa was pulled into the book . Meggie never knew her mother until Teresa was read out of the book and Capricorn was ready to execute her.

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Q: Who is Teresa from Inkheart?
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Sienna Guillory plays Teresa(Resa) Folchart in the 2008 movie.

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Inkheart is fiction.

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inkheart inkspell and inkdeath

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Inkheart was created in 2002.

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Both Inkheart (the book) and Inkheart (the film) have been released in America.

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Inkheart is a fiction story :)

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Inkheart is a fantasy novel.

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