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Thomas Edison was a very famous inventor who was known for inventing the light bulb. The light bulb wasn't his idea, but he was able to make one that was good enough to sell and to be known to the public. He also invented the phonograph, which was able to record and replay sounds. He invented the kinetoscope, which was able to make simulate movements with many sequential photos that moved across a high speed shutter that was viewed through a peep hole on top of the cabinet that contained all of these things. Those were his most famous inventions. There are many things that are describable about Thomas Edison. He worked A LOT and didn't pay much attention to his family. He was always trying to be better than other inventors like Nicola Tesla who helped improve a lot of his inventions. He started to become slightly deaf throughout his life, which he liked because he could concentrate on his work. Any way, I'd might as well copy and paste the research book that I wrote for my honors class onto this because there is so much information on him.

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Q: Who is Thomas Edison and what did he do?
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