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At the moment it's the WWE diva Michelle McCool.

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Who is undertaker s first wife?

undertaker first wife was jodi lynn.

Who is undertaker girlfreind?

sarah is undertakers wife

Are undertaker and Michelle mcool dating?

yes Michelle mccool has been dating undertaker ever since undertaker got divorced with his wife

Does Undertaker have a girl friend?

Undertaker has been married three times, with first wife he has a a son with second wife Sara they have two daughters and he and third wife Michelle McCool don't have any it.

Does the undertaker have a family?

Yes and Michelle McCool is his wife.

Did undertaker kiss his wife yet?

Yeah, why wouldn't he?

Does the undertaker have kids from his wife?

He has a son from his first ex-wife, and with his second ex-wife (Sara) he has two daughters.

What happen to the other undertaker?

All the undertaker's was him his wife is Sara The fake undertaker was Brian Lee, Undertaker is married to Michelle McCool they married in June of 2010

Who is WWE wrestler undertaker wife?

Michelle Leigh McCool aka Michelle Mc cool married the Undertaker

Is undertaker really a real person?

Yeah he has a wife and kids

Did undertaker wife sara have a baby?

Yes they have 2 daughters

Why undertaker had a divorce with his wife?

That's his business, and his business alone.

Is undertaker have child with sara?

He has two daughters with ex-wife Sara, and a son from his first ex-wife

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