Who is a charismatic person?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Actors are frequently known for their charisma.

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nobody has any idea!

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Q: Who is a charismatic person?
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Who has charismatic authority?

The hearer or viewer has the authority as to rather a person is charismatic. I am very charismatic in my Christian faith, but to some, I may not be perceived as being charismatic.

What figure of speech is charismatic?

The word 'charismatic' is the adjective form of the abstract noun charisma.The noun 'charismatic' is a concrete noun as a word for a person, an adherent of a charismatic religious sect.

How can you be a charismatic person?

Endeavor to be charming.

What kind of person is a milquetoast?


What kind of person is considered charismatic?

Whether a person is considered charismatic is quite subjective and opinions will vary. Generally someone who is charismatic will be quite outgoing and self confident but not arrogant. They would be optimistic and be able to entertain people either by making them laugh or with good stories.

How can you describe person in one word who is affectionate and has a great personality?


A person who has the ability to arouse great loyalty and enthusiasm is called .?


How can I describe a person in one word who is disrespectul and inconsiderate?

wonderful Charismatic

What personality do you call a person who people seek to follow and want to emulate?


What is a word to describe a person good at networking?

Outgoing, charismatic, memorable, friendly...

What is the antonym of charismatic?

There is no antonym for charismatic.

What do you call someone who leads a cult?

A person who leads a cult is often referred to as a cult leader. They typically have a charismatic personality and use manipulation tactics to gain control over their followers.