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A good character to dress up for Halloween is any of the characters from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

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Q: Who is a good male movie character to dress up as for Halloween?
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What is a good monster character to dress up as for Halloween?

A zombie is a favorite monster character for Halloween. Please see the following for additional information: �ۼ Holidays & Celebrations

Who is a good black female character to dress as for a movie day?

cat woman possibly

What are some ideas for kids Halloween costumes?

I believe that a good Halloween costume might be a character of the kid's favorite show. For example, if he likes the Power Rangers, he can dress up as his favorite one.

Is Halloween 2 a good movie to go see?

Halloween is a good movie the end will leave you with a shock

What are Good ways to say on Halloween invites to dress up?

Perhaps you could say: Come as your favourite character or Be halloweeney or Whether you come as a witch or ballerina, you will have fun?

What is a good shark costume?

Being a shark is a great way to dress up for halloween. The best shark costume on the market would be the costume of jaws the famous shark from the movie.

What are some good examples of halloween wigs?

There are several ways you can go. You can choose to get an afro wig and dress like a bohemian from the sixties. You can also get a red one with plaits and go dressed like a character from story books.

What are ideas for pop-culture Halloween costumes for couples?

A good idea for couples halloween costumes based on pop-culture is to dress up like Jay-Z and Beyonce. For politics, dress up as The First Lady and President Obama.

What is Halloween good for?

Where you get free candy! And dress up as something else. free candy ...need i say more? plus it is fun and you get to dress up and not look funny XD

Is the Garden Stake 3D Metal Outdoor Decor Scarecrow a good halloween choice for the yard?

The Garden Stake skarecrow is a good choice for seasonal use, such as for Halloween, giving your yard some character.

What are some good ideas to do on Halloween night?

You could have Halloween and invite all your Friend's you could go trick or treating your girl you dress up as zombie school girl or a devil or witch your a boy you could dress up as a Dracula or a skeletons or a pirate or a were wolf or Frankenstein.

How a twilight vampire for Halloween?

a good way you can be a vampire for Halloween is order red contacts and to wear dark jeans and a black dress coat and something like a sparkly shirt or something cute underneath it