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Who is at fault when someone backs into you from a parking space?


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2006-10-05 18:11:38
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The person backing out.

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the car that is backing out because they have to yield because the others have the right of way.

Well if you were backing in and hit someone then it is your fault. But if they hit you, then it is their fault.

At least in PA, the person backing up is at fault, no matter how stupid the other driver is. My brother got burned backing up and hit someone speeding through the parking lot. to the best of my knowledge, all parking lot accidents are 50/50.

It would be the person driving fault because it is like the same thing as driving and hitting someone.

You are at fault. You are backing out of a space and you must yield the right of way to the other vehicles traveling in the aisle.

The person at fault would be the one backing into a parking space. Because they are going to look at it as, your supposed to pull into the parking space front first, not backing in. So it would be your fault. But I'm sure that both of you would get a ticket or something else, because they hit you, and you are violating parking lot conduct.

The vehicle exiting the parking space that did not yield to oncoming traffic.

Any time the driver who is backing is at fault, in all 50 states.

The person backing out. If you were in the lane/road behind them they needed to use caution when backing out.

These types of incidents are the hardest to determine fault. Make sure to get any possible witnesses to help you out, preferrably people that were not in either car. Usually the person that was the furtherest out is NAF but that is not iron clad.

Generally, the person backing out is at fault. If you are both backing out you're probably both at fault and will probably share the cost of repair, with each repairing their own. yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!! yes because you were backing out and they hit your car its their fault!!!!!!!

Depends if the person who left the item in front of the empty parking space left the item there on purpose. Thanks for the information. The item was left there because the person was unloading it from their trunk.

I would have to say that technically it would be the driver pulling out of the parking space. TECHNICALLY speaking that is. The insurance companies would probably try to say it is an equal at fault accident maybe.

both because ur not quick enough ;) the other guy is thick cos he drove into you!! So more his fault!!

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