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Platos closet is way better than ashleys closet

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Q: Who is better Ashley's closet or Platos closet?
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What time does Platos closet close?


What's the number to Plato's closet?

whats the number to platos closet in hoover al

What is Platos closet?

Platos Closet is a store that you can shop at or turn in your old gently used clothing for money:) its a great store ive gotten abercombie jeans for $5 dollars once and they were cute!

Does Platos closet sell jordans?

im pretty sure, they might.

What is the store that sells clothes from the brands hollister American eagle etc but the last word is closet?

Platos (SP) closet

Is platos closet open on presidents day?

check your local stores hours

Where can you buy cheap vintage clothing?

go to platos closet relly cheap

What time does Platos closet close on Sundays?

Plato's closet closes at 5:00pm on Sundays and the rest of the week 8:00pm

How much does platos closet pay for miss you jeans?

no more than 10 dollars

Where is a good place that will buy used clothing in exchange for money?

platos closet,yard sale,

Who do you sell your fur coats to in NJ?

Platos closet would take it and give u money for it if it is in good condition.

What are some recommended and reasonable priced stores in LA suitable for teen girls?

Forever 21, Aeropostale, Platos Closet