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Who is better Stone Cold or Andre the Giant?


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Andre is bigger, but Austin is quicker. Career wise, I say Austin.

AnswerStone Cold is a lot tougher and would beat Andre anytime. AnswerStone Cold Steve Austin was better but nobody should take away anything from Andre the giant the best BIG MAN in the business. AnswerAndre The Giant is better but Undertaker is the best wrestler ever

Stone Cold is alot more sucessful then Andre but Andre is bigger in a Stone cold would win .


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They never fought because Stone Cold came into the WWE after Andre the Giant was already a retired WWE superstar.

Yes. Along with some of the other greats. Ie., Stone Cold, Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, etc...

There are Many candidates Hulk Hogan Masked Kane Bret Hart Stone Cold Goldberg Undertaker Shawn Michaels The Rock Andre the Giant

Some of the most popular wrestlers are: - Mick Foley - John Cena - Stone Cold - The Undertaker - Andre the Giant - The Rock - DX (Triple "H" & Shawn Michels) -

hell yeah texases own rattlesnake stone cold steve austin is better by a little margin

nope, undertaker is the deadman, he is the best striker in the wwe, he has 20-0 at wrestlemania. stone cold is good but undertaker is better.

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the rock is better by just 1 finisher :)

That depends on your personal opinion.

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I think stone cold because the stone cold stunner would break his neck (if it was real) Still stone cold

He is an awesome wrestler but some others are better than him (Example: Chis Jericho is better, Brock Lesnar is better)

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They are both good wrestlers. People will say that The Rock is better, while others may say 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is better. They are both very talented wrestlers. I would say that they are both similar in alot of ways, due to there style of wrestling, there speed, and there strength.

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Stone Cold was released on 05/17/1991.

The Production Budget for Stone Cold was $25,000,000.

ok ok two of the best is adre tha giant and hogan.lets check my category 1.Andre The Giant 2.Hulk Hogan 3.DX 4.Stone Cold 5.The undertaker 6.John Cena 7.Randy Orton 8.The Rock 9.Jeff Hardy 10.Million Dolla Man (Ted Dibiase)

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