Jaden Smith

Who is dating Jaden Smith?


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He is my best friend he is dating LaJuree

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No, Kendall Jenner is not dating Jaden Smith.

She is dating jaden smith

No, jaden smith has not ever had a girlfriend and doesn't have one currently.

I wouldn't say he is. Because they say that Jaden Smith ad Kylie Jenner are "DATING" but they are just Best Friends.

they are just friend they are not dating

He has not begun to date.

nope their not dating .

Don't you mean Jaden Smith... If so he's not dating anyone:)

When he finds a girl who he really likes and can go into a RELATIONSHIP with.YASMIN IS PRETTY AND SO IS JADEN SMITH

No they are just friends.

no they are just friends he is not dating anyone yet

Jaden Smith is not in the dating scene but whoever he gets along with and can relate too he will date.

she is dating jaden smith . she not famous tho. she Is very pretty and nice

No. He is not dating right now but soon he will.

probably not it's not true

No he is not.... They are just friends... :O

yes jaden smith and will smith are related will smith is jaden smith dad

No, Jaden is not dating China. But she does have a boyfriend, named Stavon Abram. I think he is from Atlanta, because that is where she goes to school.

No, she is not dating Jaden. She already has a boyfriend named Stavon Abram. I think he is from Atlanta, because that is where she goes to school.

Jaden is spelled like this- 'Jaden Smith'.

nt evn know him, he doesnt evn know her she doesnt even like jaden smith so that is a NO obviously

Jaden isn't dating anyone but he won't be free for long. If you won't him to like you be cool, relaxed and yourself and he's bound to like you

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