Who is dhatri panna of the rajputs?

Panna Dhai, a 16th century Rajput woman of the Kheechee tribe, nursemaid to Udai Singh, the fourth son of Maharana SANGRAM SINGH I (SANGA) (1509-1527). Her name, Panna means emerald, and dhai means a wet nurse in hindi language. She had been given charge of young Udai, breast - feeding him virtually from his birth in 1522, along with her own son Chandan (also known as Moti), who was of similar age and Udai's playmate.

Ranbir, the distant cousin of the king Uday Singh and ambitious and greedy Regent
wanted to get rid of Uday Singh. one night he unexpectedly surrounded the palace. He killed the king and searched for thr young prince. At that time Panna had fed the young prince and set him into his bed. a messenger came and told about the danger. she couldn't understand what to do and how to save the baby prince. there was no way to go out and no way to save the lives. she wanted to save the prince at any cost. she changed the baby's clothes to ordinary, placed him very carefully in a basket under the fruit and entrusted to a trustyworthy servant to reach the shore safely with the baby prince. she told she would reach the shore later. she made her heart bold, put the royal clothes to her own son Chandan and placed him into Royal Cradle. When Ranbir came and demanded the baby priince, she showed the occupied royal bed. She saw her son got slewn in front of her eyes but stood stonelike. after their departure she reached the place where young prince was launched safely.

She was an extraordinary symbol of loyalty honesty, personal sacrifice
and patriotism. Later Maharana Uday Singh became the Rana of Mewad and Pann Dhai disappeared from the pages of itas history. if she had not saved the infant Uday Singh, the kingdom and the dynasty of Mewad wound have ended with his father himself.
this is the brief sketch of Panna Dhai, the noble and humble nurse.