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Q: Who is dima bashar mother?
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Who is Mohammad Bashar to Dima Bashar?

mohammed bashar is dima bashars brother

What class is dima bashar in?

dima bashar is in 6th class

What does dima bashar do?

dima bashar is a arabic singer in toyor aljanah

Where did dima bashar live?

dima bashar lives in jorden in tawrawl janna

How old is dima bashar?

Dima Bashar is 10 years old. She was born on October,10 2000.

Is dima bashar is alive now?

Yes, Dima Bashar is alive now and also she is still famous.

How old dima Bashar year 2013?

dima bashar is 12 years old .she is born in October 10 2000

Is dima bashar famous?


Were is dima bashar from?

From Palestine from nables

What kind of person is dima bashar?

dima bashar is a Muslim singer she is a girl the like her country (Palestine) she like singing she is nice she is kind

Which religion dima bashar belongs to?

I think the child-singer, Dima Bashar is a muslim because in one of her music videos, she wore a white hijab and was walking from a mosque.

Where does dima bashar live?

she lives in palestine