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Wanted is the name for a number of Films including a 2009 Bollywood Hindi Film directed by Prabhu Deva see related links

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because he wanted to be something different

Any film director is as busy as that film director wants to be.

First Film-Director of India was Dada Saheb Phalke.

a film director directs films or "movies" a director directs Broadway plays or "musicals".

AR.Rehman is the music director of the film guru.

The director of the film "Babe" (the pig) is Chris Noonan.

The director of film 'Swami' was Basu Chatterjee.

The director of the 2007 film, Guru, was Mani Ratnam.

In the film Rocky (1976) the director was: John G. Avildsen.In the film Rocky II (1979) the director was: Sylvester Stallone.In the film Rocky III (1982) the director was: Sylvester Stallone.In the film Rocky IV (1985) the director was: Sylvester Stallone.In the film Rocky V (1990) the director was: John G. AvildsenIn the film Rocky Balboa (2006) the director was: Sylvester Stallone

A film director is a person who directs the actors and crew in the making of a film. see related link

Mani Ratnam is the director of the Indian film Guru.

George A. Romero is an American film director of the film Bruiser. He is an American film director, and he was born February 4, 1940 in New York City, New York.

No because the film director tells the people what to do and that is the most important position of all. Without the film director there would me no movies.

Go to film school and if you pass you will be a director in no time!

Rajesh Roshan was the music director of film 'Swami'.

Ridley Scott was the director of the film.

The director is Rob Marshall.

The director of this 2010 Bollywood film was Leena Yadav see related link on film

Rajendra Singh Bedi was the producer, director and writer of the film 'Dastak'.

Abhinav Kashyap is the director of the film "Dabangg".

No, the director seldom writes the screenplay. The director always directs the film, and the screenwriter always writes the film. Sometimes the director writes the screenplay and sometimes the screenwriter directs the film, but these are rare occurences.

No black film director has ever won an Oscar.

Rob Letterman is the director of the 2010 film "Gulliver's Travels".

David Frankel is the director of the film The Devil Wears Prada.

A debut film is a first film -- usually from a director.

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