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One of the most famous boy actors was Macaulay Culkin. He had just turned eight when he starred in Uncle Buck with John Candy.

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Who is the most famous boy actor?

Ever? Macaulay Culkin.

Who is a 12 year old boy actor?

Justin bieber

Who is a famous 15 year old boy?

Justine biber is the most known and famous 15 year old boy at this present stage.

Name a 10 year old boy actor?

Fletcher O'leary

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How did the American actor Richard Thomas get famous?

American actor Richard Thomas is most commonly known for his role as Jon Boy on the hit television series The Walton's. He is also a famous advocate for hearing loss.

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What famous people were born on January 28?

i know 2. nick carter (boy singer) will poulter (actor)

Is a actor a girl or a boy?


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What is a girl actor called?

Actor - Boy Actress- Girl However, the term 'Actor' has become acceptable for both boy and girl actors.

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about 50 inches

Who is the most famous 16 year old boy in the world?

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The actor is called Henry Thomas and he is playing a ten-year old boy called Elliot.

Name a 13 year old boy actor?

spiffy mccloud (google it. dont know his real name)

Is an actress a boy or a girl?

girl = actress boy = actor