Who is father of Punjabi?

Updated: 3/25/2024
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g n

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The father of Punjabi language is Guru Angad Dev, the second Guru of Sikhism. He popularized the Gurmukhi script and used it to write hymns and teachings, which played a significant role in the development and standardization of the Punjabi language.

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Q: Who is father of Punjabi?
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What is the Punjabi word for father?

The Punjabi word for father is "Pita" or "Baap."

How do you say father in Punjabi?

bapu lyi a din diya tuhnu sarya nu mubarka

How do you say grandad in Punjabi?

Granddad is the father of father. He is a very respected person. In Punjabi, we say granddad as Dadaji or Baaji.

What is Punjabi's word for father?

Peyo, Pitaah, Baap

How did call uncle in Punjabi?

In Punjabi, you can call your uncle "chacha" if he is your father's brother or "mama" if he is your mother's brother.

Is shaid Kapoor Punjabi?

no! his mother is Muslim and his father is Hindu

What does pyo mean?

It's Punjabi and Means "Your Dad" or "Your Father"Hope that Helps =)

What do you call included in Punjabi?

In Punjabi, family members are referred to as "parivaar" and parents are called "maa" (mother) and "pita" (father). Siblings are known as "bhai" for brother and "behen" for sister.

Can Vivek Oberoi speak Punjabi?

yes his father is punjabi and mom is from south also hrithikroshan/ranbir kapoor/ govinda /deols /sanjay dutt/and vindu and them they all speak punjabi at home...some more to like yash chopra/srk---and so on

What nationality is shabnam from last years Big Brother from?

She, was born in England and her father is Punjabi Indian, mother is English.

How do you say Happy Father's Day in Punjabi?

bapu lyi a din diya tuhnu sarya nu mubarka

What is 'me' in Punjabi?

'Me' in Punjabi is translated as 'เจฎเฉˆเจจเฉ‚เฉฐ' (mainu).