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Frenchy's boyfriend in grease is called Doody by The T-Birds and The students at rydell high !

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In grease what is frenchies real name?

The character's real name was Francesca. She was portrayed by actress Didi Conn.

Where is wrangler jeans frenchies in Tanzania and Pakistan?

where is frenchies wrangler jeans in Tanzania and Pakistan

Who is Jan's boyfriend in grease?


To a lovely couple of Frenchies - French translation?

A un joli couple de Francais (or Frenchies)

Who was Sandy's boyfriend from Grease?

Danny Zucko

Want to buy Lovely Frenchies Puppies ?

Adopting lovely Frenchies puppies is the best option if you are a puppy lover. All our Frenchies are cute and healthy. All our puppies are happy as they get complete care and feeding on experts

What is the name of Cha Cha's boyfriend in Grease?


Who is Rizzos boyfriend in the movie grease?

Edward Cullens

In the movie Grease during what song was there an editing error made with the characters Frenchy and Doody?

We go together. as they sit on the floor in the first chorus, doody goes from being on frenchies right to on her left.

Are you looking to Buy tonny french bulldog?

Buy Beautiful Tonny French bulldog puppies from The Lovely Frenchies. We are the leading dog breeders who specialize in breeding cute and healthy Frenchies, not for the profit-making but to offer healthy Frenchies.

What is the nickname of french football team?


Do frenchies celebrate Christmas?

No, of course they don't.

Grease - Jan's boyfriend?

Putzie - played by Kelly Ward.

What is wallis and futuna's currency called?

frenchies, fronchs

Who is martys boyfriend in grease?

Marty Maraschino is one of the Pink ladies from the 1978 movie Grease. She dated Sonny LaTierri at the end of the film.

What was the term used for Frenchmen during the American Revolution?


What two groups of people were the first to live in Canada?

Them Frenchies and Canadianeseies.

What are the treaties of the french collapse?

law of frenchies, treaty of da fries

Who was Sandy's Jock boyfriend called Tom in the movie Grease?

Tom Chisum is played by Lorenzo Lamas

What is the French for cannabis?

We (Frenchies) use the word "cannabis", and also "herbe" (for "weed"), "beuh", "ganja"...

What was Frenchie's boyfriend name in the movie Grease?

I don't think Frenchie really had a boyfriend, but in the play's script, I read a line that showed that Doody was a little interested in taking her to the dance. Does that count?

What is the difference of 2 lithium grease to 3 lithium grease?

3 lithium grease - 2 lithium grease = 1 lithium grease? math?

Who sang Grease in the film Grease?

Grease was sung by Frankie Valli

Is Grease a name of a gang in the movie 'Grease'?

No the title is Grease because they always put grease in their hair!!!!! the gangs are the Pink Ladies and the T Birds.

What is the temperament of a French Bulldog?

I have two frenchies, and they are both very good natured. I also have a child under 5, and they are great with her too.

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