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Q: Who is guy on crest 3d white commercial?
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Who is the man on the train in the crest 3d white commercial?

Paul Greene

Who is that Asian woman on the crest 3D white toothpaste commercial?

Carolina Brandao is an actress in the commercial but she is not the Asian actress in the commercial! Who is the matchmaker??

Who invented Crest 3D white strips?

Paul saigul

Should you brush your teeth after using crest 3d white strips?

After using 3D Crest White Strips you should not brush your teeth right away. Follow the directions on the product for time frame for brushing the teeth.

Where can one get a Crest White Strips coupon?

There are actually a couple of legitimate options to getting a Crest White Strips coupon on the web. These include both the Proctor & Gamble site, as well as 3D White.

Who is brunette in crest 3d 2 hour whites strips extreme commercial?

Not Carolina Brandao, who is in a series of Crest Whitestrip commercials, but another brunette. In this newer commercial she gets a call inviting her to some gala on short notice, so she has to quickly whiten her already white teeth. Who is she? She's stunning. it's natalia cigliuti

Can crest 3d white mouthwash get rid of pimples?

yes as long as it is the white paste and does not have any stripes of different color in it.

What happens if you have crest 3D white strips on all day?

Not a Halloween question but I'll answer, same as if you leave it on for the allotted time.

Do crest 3d white strips dissolve or do you have to take them off?

You have to take them off after the set time in the directions depending on which one you get!

Who is the crest 3d white toothpaste commercial actress?

Carolina Brandao is correct, regardless of what the other person thinks. She is a Brazilian model. If you look at her Twitter feed, she has several pics on there, and it is clearly the same beautiful woman.

Who is the actress in the crest commercial?

Her name is Keisha Lall. If you look in the commercial when the security guards are looking at her passport, her name is printed on the passport. She is an Indian model/actress from London. As you can see, she is stunning. Here is a link to more about her:

When does Crest 3D White toothpaste and mouthwash come to stores in Regina?

Itz in drug stores like Walgreen's walmart, cvs etc.