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Who is highest paid in Arsenal?


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The highest paid Arsenal player is Cesc Fabregas.


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The highest paid footballer at Arsenal is Cesc Fabregas.

The highest player at arsenal is Fabregas.

The current highest paid player at Arsenal is their captain Fabregas, it is 150,000 pounds.

It is the Arsenal captain Fabregas.

Andrei arshavin is the highest paid Arsenal player.

The highest paid Arsenal player is thge Spaniard Cesc Fabregas , who gets 150,000 pounds a week.

Fabregas is the highest paid player in arsenal There are no Arsenal players in the top 100 highest paid footballers in the world so they get downwards of 60,000. However on the list Kewell and Bent are really high. Highest paid is either ronaldiniho or Kaka, should be ronaldo.

Francesc Fabregas - Arsenal Captain - £110,000 a week wages plus bonuses.

The famous French striker Henry was paid 1,25,00 pounds a week, when he was playing for Arsenal.

philippe senderos because hes solid

The highest paid players at arenal are Cesc Fabregas, adrey arshavin and gallas.

Henry was arsenals highest paid player , as Arsenal do not pay to much it could be 50,000 poundsa week.

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) is the highest paid English premier league caoch with a salary of £4.5m per month

Van Persie Or Andrey Arshavin.. Proably Arshavin

It is Arsene Wenger, but as a player it is Robin van Persie.Fabregas was the highest paid footballer.

yaya toure of Manchester city gets paid £220,000 a week after joining from arsenal

The highest paid players in Arsenal are , not in order Cesc fabregas, samir nasri, Robin van Persie, Andreiy Arshavin and Theo walcott.

The lowest paid player at arsenal was the french footballer Michael Silvestre hashe joined for 75,000 pounds he was paid 3000 pounds a week at the most.

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7-0 to Arsenal at The Emirates vs Sparta Prague.

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