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Q: Who is involved in investigation?
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How can you reduce the ethical problems involved in the investigation of homicide?

How can you reduce the ethical problems involved in the investigation of a vehicle homicide crime?

What is involved in the profession of a policeman?

killing and a mstery of the investigation

What type of investigation should be investigated?

The ones with aliens involved

Who initiates a criminal investigation?

The government has certain specialized task forces that may be involved with that kind of investigation. Most likely the CIA or CSI would handle this investigation.

What future president was involved in the investigation into alger hiss?

Richard Nixon

What is spectrum bribe who are involved in the bribe?

spectrum bribe is concerned to telecommunications. it is under investigation.

What does CID stand for in British police terms?

CID in UK police forces stands for 'Criminal Investigation Department'. As the name suggests, CID are involved in the investigation of serious crimes.

A sentence with the word inquisition?

An investigation that disregards a person's rights can be described as an inquisition, especially if torture or corporal punishment is involved.

What kind of professionals use computer forensics training?

Police officials, criminal investigation units, crime scene investigation units, etc. would be the type of professionals that would use computer forensics training. Basically, anyone involved with criminal investigation would use computer forensics training.

What happens when a police officer is involved in an accident and is it fair for someone from his sheriff's office to do the investigation?

Unless it is a major investigation (ie someone was killed) the cost involved is not realistic to call in a so-called "impartial" viewer from another department. At some stage you have to trust the justice system. Not all cops are crooked and I am sure the investigators will be fair.

Can your car be towed if you have insurance but it's involved in crime investigation?

Of course. The police can impound your vehicle at any time if it's part of a crime investigation. Haven't you ever watched CSI? Hope you don't have a crack in the car somewhere.

How long does a property claims adjuster's investigation last?

Claims adjusters take as long as needed depending upon circumstances involved in the accident. Sometimes a claim will be worked out in less than 30 days if there is no other investigation ongoing.