Who is jennywooz?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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jenny wooz is a animator on woozworld

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Q: Who is jennywooz?
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What is jennywooz favorite movie?

JennyWooz's favorite movie is Avatar. Do you like avatars, too? Same here.

How old is jennywooz?


Who is jennywooz in real life?

she is a model

What is jennywooz's favorite holiday?

Valentines Day

What is Jennywooz's favorite junk food?


What is Jennywooz's favorite sport?

Horseback riding

What is jennywooz favorite ice cream?


Who was the first official couple in woozworld?

JennyWooz And MaxWooz.

What is the secret password of two lovers?

jennywooz and maxwooz

Who one the best animator female in woozworld?

MyaWooz or JennyWooz

What was the theme for JennyWooz last Birthday Party?

pajama day

What celeberty would jennywooz date?

I think Taylor Lautner