Who is jonbro?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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his real name is Jonathan Brodsky. he is the creator of many games, his most famous is the "Riddle School" series.

*Actually, Jonathan Brodsky and the creator of Riddle School are two different people. (Just to clear that up.)

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Q: Who is jonbro?
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How do you complete the divise challenge on riddle school 5?

Riddle School 5 is the latest release in a series of games created by JonBro. There is a walkthrough available on the JonBro website to help with any part of the game you may have difficulty with including the device challenge.

When is riddle transfer 2 coming out?

unfortunately jonbro has cancelled the series for many reasons.

Can you make your own riddle school?

No, you can't make your own riddle school unless you have Jonbro's permission to. No one knows who he is in reality.

How many riddle schools are there going to be?

mostly 5 mabye jonbro will make a sixth one but for now it stays at riddle school 1-5

What happens when you beat riddle school three twice?

you get an alternate ending and you get possesed by a monkey doll. sort of scary so expect it.

When will riddle school 4 come out someone said may 2009 but mow it's June 2009?

jonbro is planning to extend it with save points and a few more other stuff

Is there a riddle school 6?

There was a different answer here before, but it's changed just this month. Instead of Riddle School 6, a new series called Riddle Transfer has just begun. The first game of the new series can be found here: The rest of the series is yet to come :) - JonBro

How do you beat Riddle School?

Simple follow the instructions(not the game instructions) on the sharpener 2.go east on the locker that has 2 air vents and then click on the hall pass 4.go north on the trash can 6.go south then east 7.go north and then click on the feather duster 8.go south then east twice 9.give the boy the hall pass and go east twice on the dollar and go north on 'I need to talk to the principle and then click on 'I want to tell him a joke' 12.keep clicking west 13.YOU WON!!!