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Madame Walker developed a line of cosmetics and hair-care products especially for African-American women. Madame Walker was an inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, social activist. She was also America's first self-made Black millionaire.

this is true

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Q: Who is madame c j walker?
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How did madem c j walker die?

Madame C J Walker died from hypertension.

When did madame C J Walker die?

Madame C. J. Walker died on May 25, 1919, when she was 51 years old she died of hypertension

When was Madem C J Walker born?

Madame C J walker was born December 23, 1867

Madame c j walker products available?


Who invented hair straighter?

madame c. j. walker

Where can you buy madame c j walker from?

my house lol

When and where Madame c j Walker educated?

no where she did not go to collage

Madame C J Walker civil rights leader?


First African American millionare?

madame c j. walker

What did madame c j walker make?

black hair achievements

What are madem c j walker's accomplishments?

Madame C J Walker accomplishments are making hair products

What year did Madame c j walker invent beauty products for black women?

what year did madame c.j. walker invent beauty products

Did madame c J walker have a husband?

Madam C. J. Walker has three husbands: Moses McWilliams John Davis Charles Joseph Walker Her birth name was Sarah Breedlove

Where did Madame CJ Walker go to school?

Madame C. J. Walker never attended college no madam walker did not go to school, she aws taught by a woman from her church

What does madame c. j. walker worked?

picking cotton fileds

What things did madame c j walker invent?

She invented skin and hair products.

Who is Moses Jeff McWilliams?

he is the first husband of madame c j walker. formerly known as Sarah breedlove. madame c j walker is the first African American self made millionaire. she created hair products sold them in America.

Madam C J Walker parents?

Owen and Minerva Breedlove were Madame Walkers parents

What is madame c j walker remember for?

Me persnaly her talent and work but u can say diffrent.

Does Madam C J Walker have children?

madame cj walker did not have any kids at all she had idopted one but never had one

Where did Madame C.J. Walker live?

Madame C. J. Walker lived in Vicksburg, MS; Indianapolis IN; Denver, CO; St. Louis, MO; and New York City.

Who was the first African American millionaire and invented black hair products?

madame c j walker

Who is the narrator of Madame C J Walker by Jim Haskins?

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What are some of the awards Madame C J Walker achieved?

none but did receive a lot of a agnolligentment from the NAACP

Did madame cj walker finish school?

No! Madame C. J. Walker never even had an education. That is why it was so hard for her to accomplish being the first African American woman to become a millionare.