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Jessica or Ashlee?I think that Ashlee Simpson is because unlike Jessica, she's a real girl, who has not had any plastic surgery, and is comfortable in her own skin!! Not like Jessica. Ashlee writes her own songs, and Jesica doesn't! Ashlee's lyrics are deep and actually mean something to people, not like Jessicas lyrics, that all talk about nonsence. AnswerI would say Jessica Simpson because she's been in the business longer and she has been very successful with her show on MTV. She has a clothing line,a cosmetics line,a movie out, and an album. I think that should answer your question. AnswerI think that one is tough. Ashlee was all about being "real" but yet all of a sudden she changed her image and got all this plastic surgery?? And I highly doubt she writes all her songs. She has help in there somewhere. Jessica's songs are crap but Jessica also has [like the one above] her own cosmetic lines and such. And yes, Jessica has been around longer. I would say Jessica because we hear more about her. All we hear about Ashlee is her "make-overs" and "new albums" when we always hear something about Jessica "who she is dating" or "where she was seen" etc. We don't ever get that from Ashlee hardAnswer: at this point ( 2-18-08) it might have to be ash. she is coming out with her new CD so i will hact to go with her
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Q: Who is more popular Jessica or Ashlee Simpson?
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