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Q: Who is my favorite book character?
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What is Stephen Kings favorite book character?

Huckleberry Finn

What was Dr. Seuss favorite book?

The Lorax is a book that he wrote.And is his favorite book.

Who is your favorite character from the book holes?

i like mr sir and zero

Who was Roald Dahl's favorite character in the book Matilda?

Mrs. Trunchbull was Roald Dahl's favorite character because she inspired him to get the story funny and add a little bit of action.

What are good book club questions?

You can talk about the main characters or ask them how they would rate the book out of ten. You could also ask them what their favorite part was or who was their favorite character.

Did tigerstar die in the 6'th book of warriors?

it's sad to say since he was my favorite character in warrior cats,yes he did,he was killed by scourge who is the leader of bloodclan and my favorite character

What was Jacqueline wilsons favorite book when she was a child?

Jacqueline Wilson's favorite book when she was a child was Anne frank i think as she featured this in secrets and my secret diary which is a diary of when she was a child and was rather protective of this book and character.

Who is your favorite character in The Giver?

My favorite character in the giver is jonas

What is Jacob Black's real favorite book?

Jacob Black is just a character in The Twilight Saga. He, or any of the other characters, do not know that it is a book, but it is. That is why it is a book.

What was anne Frank's favorite book?

Joop ter Heul was Anne Frank's favorite book series. The main character in the series was named Kitty, the same name parts of her diary were address to.

Has anyone read summer of the swans?

i have for class awesome book Yes, me too, I love it! i love this book summer of the swans my favorite character is mary

Who is ray ray favorite character?

who is rayray favorite character