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Do you mean the US senate, the Canadian Senate, or the Roman senate.

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Q: Who is part of the senate?
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When should senate be capitalized?

"Senate" should be capitalized when referring to a specific senate, such as the United States Senate or the Roman Senate. It is also capitalized when used as part of an official title, like the Senate Majority Leader.

The house of representatives and the senate are both part of what?

In Australia, the House of Representatives and the Senate are both part of the the Federal parliament.

How many people are in the spartan senate?

The Spartans had a 30 member senate. Two kings were part of the senate.

What are the 2 part of congress?

house of reps. and senate

Is legislator and senate means same?

Legislator and senate doesn't means same. "Legislature" means similar senate but not same. The senate is legislature but not all legislatures is senate. Legislature be deliberative body that make law. Senate is usually upper part of two-part legislature. U.S. Senate are part of U.S. legislature (is also called Congress), other part are House of Representatives. Legislator is means similar as senatOR. Both is members of respective bodies - legislators refers as people in legislature, senators is be people in senate. Senators is legislators, but so is Congressmen and others. Does is answers questions? Thank.

Is the louisiana senate part of the state legislators?


What part of congress tries the president?


How does Brutus lure Caesar to the senate?

Caesar was not lured to the Senate. As Rome's dictator, he was a functioning part of the Senate and was therefore required to attend it frequently.

Are congressmen part of the senate or the house?

Yes, the House of Representatives is part of congress. The other half is the Senate.

What branch is the senate is in?

We have a bicameral, meaning it has two branches. The Senate is one and the House of Representatives is the other. Therefore the Senate is part of the Legislative branch of government.

What are the House of Representatives and Senate part of?

They are part of Congress and the legislative branch of government.

In the impeachment process the Senate is responsible for?

After the House of Representatives impeach the person, the Senate's part goes into action. The Senate then acts as trial jury. The Senate then votes whether or not the person is guilty or innocent.