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Sandy McSouthers, Windy Windkloppel, Julian R. Eastman, Barney Northrup, and Sam Westing.

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Why did crow go to jail in the Westing Game?

No, she wasn't the murder to Sam Westing because he was disguised as Sandy McSouthers

Dose sam westing really dead in the westings game?

no he is disguised as sandy in the story

What is spoiler for the book the westing game?

There was no murderer. Sandy McSouthers, Julian R. Eastman, Barney Northrup are all disguised as Sam Westing.

Who kills sam westing in the westing game?

No one. Sam Westing was still alive the whole time, disguised as Sandy, the doorman, Barney Northrup, the landlord of Sunrise Towers, and the executive of the Westing Paper Company. He dies of natural causes at the end of the book.

Who does sam westing fears in the westing game?

everyone fears sam westing; sam westing fears jj ford

Who were the 4 people that sam westing disguised as?

Even though we don't really meet Sam Westing as "Sam Westing" during the course of the book, we do meet several versions of him in the disguises he uses. His four identities correspond to the four cardinal directions: Barney Northrup, Julian Eastman, Sandy McSouthers, and Sam Westing. The real Sam Westing - whatever that means - is, and was, a tremendously successful businessman. For much of the book we think he was murdered by one of the people playing the Westing game - at least, that's what he wants us to believe.

Who is Otis Amber from the westing game?

An under cover detective hired by Sam Westing to make sure Crow(Sam's ex wife) did not use the name Westing. Otis Amber is disguised as a 62 year old delivery boy.

What is dr wexlers connection to sam westing in the westing game?

The connection between Grace Windsor Wexler and Sam Westing is that Sam Westing is her uncle.

How is mrhoo related to sam westing in the westing game?

He sued Sam Westing claiming that Westing stole his idea for an invention.

How many characters did Sam Westing play in the westing game?

Sam Westing played as four characters in the Westing Game. He was Sandy Mcsouthers, Mr. Eastman, Sam Westing, and Barney Northup.

Who was barneynorthup in the westing game?

Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers, Julian Eastman, Sam WestingAre all the same people. He never dies until the end of the book of natural causes. He is disguised as Sandy McSouthers.

Who was sam westing married to?

Sam Westing was married to Erica Crow.

Who murdered Sam westing?

No one. Sam Westing faked his death.

How does sam westing die?

Sam Westing dies by old age...

What is sandy connection to sam westing?

Sandy is Sam Westing! 😃

Where can you get pictures of sam westing?

google just type in sam westing

What is turtles connection to Sam westing?

Turtles connection to Sam Westing is that he is her Great Uncle because Grace her mother says that Sam Westing is her Uncle, making Sam Westing turtles great Uncle

In the book the westing game why is chris realted to sam westing?

chris helped sam westing with his work

What do grace wexler and Sam westing have in common in the westing game?

Sam Westing is Grace Wexler's uncle.

Why is Jake Wexler not guilty of the murder of Sam Westing?

He had no relation to Sam Westing whatsoever, except for the fact that his wife is a niece of Sam Westing.

How is sam westing dressed in his coffin in the westing game?

He is dressed as Uncle Sam.

Who is the antagonist for the westing game?

Sam westing

What is the relationship between Theo and Sam Westing?

He is an heir(relative) to sam westing, which means that someone from his familytree was related to sam westing so theo is too.

What are some events in the westing game?

sam westing dressed in uncle sam cloths

Why did turtle wexler kill sam westing?

Turtle never did kill Sam Westing.

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