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Goebbels was a German. Germany was a part of the Axis.

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Q: Who is side was Joseph goebbels on in world war 2?
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Who was Adolf Hitler's minister of propaganda during second world war?

Joseph Goebbels.

What words that begin with j relate to World War 2?

Japan Joseph Goebbels

What was the name of the German chancellor in world war 2?

Adolf Hitler in the main, then Joseph Goebbels when Hitler killed himself.

What role did Joseph Goebbels have during world war 2?

He was a writer- before becoming Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels had a strong narrative drive ( Total War is the Imperative need of the Hour!) and this was used effectively in action-oriented propaganda.

What is meant by the term Goebbels?

Joseph Goebbels was a master propagandist of the Nazi Party in Germany during World War II. Someone being likened to Goebbels is usually a reference to them being crafty and amoral in their speaking tactics, or an eloquent deceiver, especially if they are in politics.

What was gobble's role during world war 2?

Joseph Goebbels was the propaganda minister. he was in charge of convincing the people to join and fund the Nazi regime.

Did Joseph Goebbels control TV during World War 2 in Germany?

Had TV, as we know it today, existed at that time, then, yes, it would have been under Joseph Goebbels' control since he was the Nazi Ministerof Propaganda and exercised full control of all media such as radio, movies and newspapers.

Who was Magda Goebbels?

Johanna Maria Magdalena "Magda" Goebbels (11 November 1901 - 1 May 1945) was the wife of Nazi Germany's Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. A prominent member of the Nazi party, she was a close ally and political supporter of Adolf Hitler.As Berlin was being overrun by the Red Army at the end of World War II, she murdered her six children with Goebbels and then committed suicide.

What side of war was Joseph hooker on?

joseph hooker was on the union side of the civil war .

Who was Joseph Goebbels and his job in the holocaust?

Goebbels used his power to flood the country with Nazi propaganda, cementing the myth of the Fuhrer and portraying Germans of Aryan stock as the rightful rulers of the world, the "master race." Jews are demonized as the chief enemy of the Reich.This war caused around 60 million deaths worldwide.

What are the names of hitlers men in world war 2?

Himmler, Rommel, Goering, Goebbels, Ribbentrop.

Which World War II event is MOST closely related to Goebbels' statement?

the final solution