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Who is stalybridge Celtic 2007 team players?

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What team won the Scottish Premier League in 2007?

The team that won the Scottish Premier League in 2007 was Celtic.

Is there truth in rumour the a football coach sexually abused youth team players at a scottish club that wasn't Celtic?

Nope, only celtic

What are the names of the current Celtic team?

The name of current Celtic team are THE BHOYS.

What team has supplied the most players to play for Scotland at football?

Rangers and Celtic used to supply most of the players for Scotland. Nowadays Scottish players are from a wide range of clubs from Manchester United to Blackpool and Wigan

Is Rangers a better team than Celtic?

Celtic are a better side than Rangers, Rangers are a dirty team, but Celtic are just Brilliant

Are Celtic the best football team in the world?

Yes Celtic are the greatest team in the world come on the bhoys

Which team is the focus of NewsNow Celtic?

The team which is the focus of the website NewsNow Celtic is Celtic F.C., which is the Scottish Premier League football club based in Glasgow, Scotland.

How many teams won the European cup with only homegrown players?

In 1967 Glasgow Celtic won the European Cup with a team of players who were all Scots born within a 30 miles radius of the clubs football ground Celtic Park. This team became known as the Lisbon lions. I am not sure this is a unique achievement within Europe but it is within the UK and Ireland.

What are 5 Celtic team players in basketball?

5 Celtics players are: Shaquille O'Neil #36 Rajon Rondo #9 Kevin Garnet #5 Paul Pierce #34 Ray Allen #20

What are the names of the players on the New York Yankees 2007 team?

Click on the '2007 Yankees Roster' to see who is on the Yankees roster.

Who is the best football team rangers or Celtic?

The Glasgow Celtic of course! love you!

What team has won more times from march 2009 rangers or Celtic?


What team does Nakamura play for?


How many players on a Scotland soccer team on the field at the time?

its 22. 11 in each team and with Glasgow Celtic its 12 because the fans play a massive part and that's why they are the best fans in the world!

How many players are on the Oakland Raiders team as of 2007?

All NFL teams carry 53 players on their roster of which 45 can dress for a game.

Who is better Celtic or wigan?

Celtic are much better they have a better line up and team.

What is the collective noun for basketball players?

The collective noun for basketball players is the same as a team of players; a team of basketball players.

What were the most notable sporting events in the 1960s?

Celtic football club being the first team to win the European cup and also won it with entirely homegrown players

What football team does billy Boyd team does billy support?


How many players are for Kho-Kho team?

There are 12 players in a Kho- Kho team.

What team does Tom Cruise support Celtic or rangers?

he is a Celtic man. he was at a rangers match with sevilla but stated that he was a Celtic fan through and through

What is the worst team in the world of football?


The worst football team?

Celtic football

Oldest scottish football team?

It is Celtic.

What team does Darren fletcher support?