Who is stronger Hinata or Neji?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Neji is stronger.

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Q: Who is stronger Hinata or Neji?
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Is Hinata stronger than Neji?

no hinata is not stronger than neji . she was beaten by him in the chunin exams (Answer) If you're talking about their strength difference right now, yes and no. It's been confirmed by Hiashi Hyuga(Hinata's Dad) that Hinata is able to protect Neji just as well as Neji can protect her. Also, hinata saved Neji's life during the Fourth Shinobi World War and it's been confirmed by Kakashi that her byakugan can see through genjutsu, something Neji apparently can't do. In addition, Hinata seems to be more adept with her byakugan. She can see up to 10 kilometers, while Neji can only see 800 meter. She can also see tenketsu, just like Neji. Also, I think she knows another fighting style called Gentle Step, due to the name of her move Gentle Step: Twin Lion Fist. So far, Neji has no gentle step techniques. In addition, it's been confirmed that Hinata can perform 8 trigrams air palm. I also wouldn't be suprised in the slightest if she could perform 8 Trigrams 64 Palms and 8 Trigrams Revolving Heaven(Rotation) since it's a technique from the main branch of the Hyuga Clan.

Is Hinata's blind spot bigger than Neji's?

No, people should know that all blind spots are the same size.

How do you spell Hinata's last name?

Hinata Hyuga

Is Hinata big?

yeaaaaaaaaah! if you to find out, go to and type in hinata and you'll .

Dose Naruto find out Hinata likes him?

Yes he does but in shippuden.he finds out when hinata trys to save him from Pein(or Pain I don't know).it's on episode 438(or somewhere around there).P.S-IM NOT KIDDING!!!!!!

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Who is the strongest Hinata or Neji?

yes and no. Naruto AND Sasuke will become the strongest ninjas, their strengths will be approximately equal. Naruto will become stronger than his father. IDASHI UCHIHA IS THE STRONGEST NINJA of course he will!

Ho is stronger Naruto or nejyo?

Do you mean Neji? Hinata's cousin? naruto is stronger, as shown in the chunin exams

Do Hinata and Neji get together?

No, but Neji does have a crush on her.

Why do people pair Neji with Hinata if they're COUSINS?

Because Neji actually had romantic feelings for Hinata.

Is Hinata stronger in the shippuden series than in the Naruto series?

For sure, my best example is her Byakugan is better than Neji's.

Where is Hinata?

Hinata lives in the Huyuaga family, with her cousin Neji.

Is Neji in Naruto Shippuden?

well neji could be considered her brother kind of. Neji IS Hinata's half brother due to both of there Fathers are IDENTICAl twins.For proof search Neji's History on Wikipedia. But technically he is considered hinata's cousin.

Did Neji runs into Hinata?


Who will be neji's wife?

i think Hinata

Is Hinata and Neji hyuga siblings?

No they are just cousins. Hinata and Neji's fathers were twin brothers, therefore making Hinata's father Neji's uncle and Neji's father Hinata's uncle. Making them cousins. Correction Neji and Hinata's fathers are identical twin brothers meaning Hinata and neji are socially cousins but biologically half siblings

Does Neji and Hinata have a mother?

Hinata does have a mother but i cant remember her name Neji's is a anbu or died at childbirth because of labor problems

Does Hinata marry Neji?

Neji doesn't have to marry Hinata. Where did you hear they were going to get married at? They're cousins so no.