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The Hulk is stronger with or without weapons. He has displayed in the past many feats which contribute to the fact that he is stronger than Thor and is widely regarded as Marvels strongest character if not one of the top ranking.

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Q: Who is stronger with out any weapons thor or hulk?
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Who would win in a fight thor or hulk?

The winner would be Thor because he has more strength than Hulk and can easily beat him in a fist-fight. Even though there are rumors of Hulk could walk on the sun and stuff he wouldn't even make it through space without any oxygen or any source of protection for his skin.

Who is stronger hulk or captain marvel?

thor is definetly stronger hulk cant lift thors hammer. his hammer is 2billion tons hulk can only lift 6000 tons that is a lie i seen hulk lift Thor's hammer and throw it at thor. I think the Hammer is like Sword in the Stone, only one person can pick it up.

Who would win Hulk or Rhino?

In a Battle between The Incredible Hulk and Abomination when the fight between them starts Abomination would whip the hulk all over the place since Abomination is stronger than the hulk [AT FIRST] then the Hulk would get more angrier and have more rage - cause the madder Hulk gets the stronger he is so eventually he will over power and beat the abomination since Abomination cant get stronger than what he is in a fight between the Hulk or any one else for that matter.So the Incredible Hulk would win in a fight between them.

Is thor stronger than green lantern?

No, Thor is in no way stronger than any Green Lantern. This is because of two things: One- A Green Lantern weilds the most powerful weapon in the universe. Two- All a GL would have to do to defeat Thor is put him in a bubble to seperate him from his precious hammer.

Is Spiderman stronger than the hulk?

The Hulk is stronger than Spider-man, but Spider-man is still extremely strong for a human being. He makes up for it against the Hulk with his extreme speed and reflexes (not to mention webbing). The Hulk could smash him in one hit, IF he could land a punch on him.

How many incredible hulk films are there?

Hulk (2003), The Incredible Hulk (2008), and The Avengers (2012). There have been rumours that Hulk may appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) or Thor: The Dark World (2013).

Who is stronger Super Man or Hulk?

The hulk has always been unstoppable in every vs encounter. Due to his angry issue, without a calming mechanism, he only gets stronger and stronger. In a straight out fight to the death with no tricks from superman. Superman would be toast.

Who would win in a fight thanos or hulk?

no because as said before the madder hulk gets the stronger he becomes.If thanos was to fight the hulk one on one,he'll lose.And it depends on what type of hulk you wantt him to fight.for example if thanos was to fight the grey hulk, he'll most likely win.

Who would win a bomb or the thing?

well a bomb can heal from any wound while thing cant and he can kind of stand up to red hulk and thing cant really go toe to toe with hulk unless thing loses and when hulk is at his normal strength red hulk is much stronger. a bomb is bigger and stronger than thing and he has a powerful shell so a bomb will beat the thing in a fight.

What does the hulk eat?

hulk can put together any sentence but he is mostly known for HULK SMASH!

Who is the second strongest superhero god?

well,at first place is shazam,or captain marvel.(same person) second place is thor(the god of thunder.) I said shazam is strongest superhero god,because shazam is six times stronger than thor or any other god.but shazam is a god.

Who would win maestro or abomination?

Maestro would win. He is stronger and more expierienced at fighting and he grows stronger the angrier he gets and there is no limit. Hulk has beaten abomination in almost all of there fights because he gets stronger as he gets angrier and abomination doesnt. Hulk has never been able to defeat the maestro because he gets stronger too and he is hundreds of years expierienced at fighting and has beaten everything he fights and he is indestructible and has a healing factor. But abomination has a healing factor too but maestro can beat him any day.