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As of the start of the 2007-08 season, Markus Naslund is the Canucks all time leading goal scorer with 334. He broke Trevor Linden's team record last season (2006-07).

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Who is the nhl's leading scorer 2011?

The leading scorer in the 2010/11 season was Daniel Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks with 104 points. Corey Perry of the Anaheim Ducks was the leading goal scorer with 50.

Who is the leading goal scorer ever in the Premiership?

The leading goal scorer in 2011 is Dimitrov Berbatov of Manchester United.

Who is Liverpools leading goal scorer?

Fernando Torres is Liverpools top goal scorer

Who is Chelsea leading goal scorer this season?

Chelsea leading scorer this season is Nicolas Anelka

Who was the top goal scorer when football began?

At the point when football began, until anyone scored a goal, nobody was the leading goal-scorer.

What is Alan Shearer's premiership leading goal tally?

Alan shearer was an amazing footballer who was is Newcastle uniteds all time leading goal scorer the premierships all time leading goal scorer and 4th on th englands all time leading scorers

Who is the all time leading scorer of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League?

Patrice Lefebvre is the leading point getter But Guy Lafleur is the leading goal scorer.

Who is arsenals current top goal scorer?

The current top goal scorer is Andrey Arshavin with 5 goals, but Arsenal leading all time top goal scorer is Thierry Henry with 224 goals.

Who is the leading goal scorer for England?

Bobby Charlton with 49 goal for the national senior team.

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