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Q: Who is the Dean of Students at Tabor Academy?
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When was Tabor Academy created?

Tabor Academy was created in 1876.

What is the motto of Tabor Academy?

The motto of Tabor Academy is 'All-A-Taut-O'.

What is the acceptance rate at Tabor Academy?

In 2009-2010, the acceptance rate was about 40%. In 2015, it was about 35%. 18% for the international students.

What is Tabor Academy's motto?

The motto of Tabor College Australia is 'Witnesses of His Majesty'.

Where is the Tabor Academy located?

The Tabor Academy in located in Massachusetts in a small town on the coast called Marion. This location is used by the school as part of environmental and wildlife studies.

What piercings are allowed at tabor academy?

You would need to check the dress and code of conduct policy. just earrings because they are a prep-school that takes pride in their students clothing. But, you can have multiple piercings.

Which New England Prep school has the best sailing program?

Tabor Academy in Marion, Ma

Who is the dean of students at Ohio State?

There is no Dean of Students Position at Ohio State

WHo was the first headmaster at Tabor Academy?

Mr. C. P. Howland who came from Yale University, was the first headmaster.

How many students attend academy of arts?

More than 18000 students attend the Academy of Art in San Francisco, California. There are 12072 undergraduate students and 5647 postgraduate students at the Academy of Art.

Who is the dean of students at southwestern assemblies of god university?

The Dean of Students at the Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas is Lance Meche. Prior to being appointed as Dean of Students, he served as the assistant dean of students. He and his wife have also served as dorm pastors for a couple of residence halls at Southwestern beginning in 2004.

What is the role of the students?

The Dean of Students is responsible for all Student Services.