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Q: Who is the Genesis Enoch and what book did he write?
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Why does the book of Jude say that Enoch was the 7th generation and the book of Genesis say he was the 6th generation?

If you will go back to Genesis chapter 5 and start with Adam you will find that Enoch is number 7. Adam, Seth, Enosh, Cainan, Mahalalel, Jared, and Enoch, number 7.

Did Joshua write genesis?

No.. Moses wrote the book of Genesis

How did enoch die?

Enoch, in the Bible, did not die, he was taken to heaven by God. In Genesis 5:24 it say that Enoch walked with God.

Is the Enoch in Genesis 4 the same as the one translated?

No, the person named Enoch in Genesis 4 is a son via Cain's line. The Enoch in Genesis 5, from the line of Seth was 'translated' or moved to another place by; God:Genesis 5:24New International Version (NIV)24 Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.

Who was Enoch in Genesis?

Enoch was a man from the Old Testament, more specifically the book of Genesis, who is famous for being taken up into heaven without dying.Christian New Testament also has three references to Enoch (Luke 3:37, Hebrews 11: 5, Epistle of Jude 1:14-15).In the Bible, it is mentioned that:Enoch (ancestor of Noah), son of Jared, great-grandfather of NoahEnoch (son of Cain)Hanoch (Enoch), son of ReubenHanoch (Enoch), one of the five sons of MidianEnos (Bible), or Enosh, grandson of Adam and great grandfather of EnochThe Book of Enoch.Enoch (Arabic: إدريس‎ ʼIdrīs) appears in the Book of Genesis and a figure in the Generations of Adam.Enoch is the son of Jared (Gen 5:3-18), the father of Methuselah, and the great-grandfather of Noah. The text says; uniquely in the Generations; that Enoch "walked with God: and he was no more; for God took him", (Gen 5:22-29).

What faith did enoch exhibited?

Enoch exhibited a close righteous fellowship with Elohim, Genesis 5:23-24.

Did enoch have any children?

Yes Enoch had sonsand daughters, we can see it in Genesis chapter 5 verse 22.

How long moses write book of genesis?

14 years

Where did God send Enoch for refuge?

Enoch is described at Genesis 5:18-24. There is no mention of God sending him for refuge.

What is the original time line of the events in the book of enoch?

There is no book called Enoch in the bible.

Who was the son of Cain?

Cain's eldest son is recorded in Genesis 4:17 as Enoch (not the same Enoch that God later took from the earth).

Who was methuselahs father?

"And Enoch lived on for sixty-five years. Then he became father to Methuselah. " (Genesis 5:21) So Methuselah was the FIFTH Great Grandson of Adam.