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Who is the Greek god of ideas?

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If by ideas you mean wisdom, then the Greek Goddess of Wisdom is Pallas Athena. She is better known as Athena

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What are some story ideas about greek mythology?

what are some ideas for a greek myth

Who are the Grecian gods?

Well there is:Cronus (Greek God of Agriculture)Thanatos (Greek God of the Dead)Hephaestus (Greek God of Fire)Eros (Greek God of Love)Poseidon (Greek God of the Sea)Hypnos (Greek God of Sleep)Helios (Greek God of the Sun)Ares (Greek God of War)Dionysus (Greek God of Wine)Pan (Greek God of the Woods)Hermes (Messenger of the Gods)Zeus (King of the Gods)

What is a funny storie about the greek god sades?

There is no Greek god "Sades": there is a Greek god Hades.

Who is the greek god Hermes?

the greek god hermes the god of messages

Is posiden a Greek god?

The god Poseidon was the Greek god of the ocean.

Who is Greek god posiedon?

the greek god Posiedon is the god of the sea

Which Greek god is the god of wine?

the greek god of wine is Dionyses.

What beliefs and ideas are reflected in greek art and architecture?

the greek art and architecture expressed greek ideas of beauty and harmony.

Hades was the god of?

Hades was the Greek god of the Underworld.

Who are the family members of hades the greek god?

Poseidan the Greek god was related to Hades the Greek god!

What is Apollo the greek god of?

He is the Greek god of the sun.

Is there a Greek god of dragons?

There is no Greek god of dragons.

Is thespis a greek god?

Is Thespis a Greek God?

What were some greek ideas?

Some Greek ideas include: - Democracy. - Philosophy. - Many sciences where many new ideas where developed. In particular, on what ideas are you interested?

What was the Greek god Hippocrates famous for?

Hippocrates was not a Greek god, but a Greek physician.

What is the greek god a god of?

It depends which god you are talking about...there are thousands of greek gods!

What is the greek god of neptune?

it isnt a greek god. it is a roman god of sea.

Is Thor a greek god?

No, Thor is not a greek god. He is the Norse god of thunder.

What were Jason's the greek god powers?

Jason was not a Greek god, he was a demi-god

What is the personality of the Greek god Uranus?

Uranus was a roman god, not a greek god.

What did Apollo the greek god do?

The Greek god Apollo was the god of the Sun.

How did the greek god dionysus die?

In Greek myth, Dionysus died to become a god. As a Greek god, he does not die.

Which Greek god is god of wildlife?

Artemis is the Greek goddess of wildlife and hunting. and Pan is the Greek god of nature

What did the greek god Mercury do?

There is no Greek god mercury, he was a roman god, and he was the god of war and weapons.

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