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In a drawing, a centre line is used to show the centre of a part.

Noarlunga Centre railway line was created in 1978.

draw a line from the centre top to the centre bottom. if both sides are even it is a line of symmetry. (answered by a 11 year old)

A defining line down the centre of something.

first you should make sure the blinking line isn't in the chat bar then you click d

The centre of a line segment

In mathematics, the radius of an arc is a straight line from the centre of curvature of the arc to the arc. In the case of a circle it is the line from the circle's centre to its circumference.

you all have to look the same you can anounce that you are making a line of penguins that look just like you or they just sit,stand or dance next to you.

In association football, the penalty spot is 12 yards from the goalline, measured directly from the centre of that line. In field hockey, the penalty spot is 6.40 metres from the goalline, measured directly from the centre of that line to the centre of the spot.

In a straight line from centre to centre, it is 3724 miles.

A circle with a straight line through it, usually at an angle, and often with a small dot where the centre of the circle would be (also on the line, to clarify that the line does go through the centre).

I am guessing you mean breaking. Breaking occurs on a centre pass when someone from either team crosses over the line, except for centre, into the centre third before the umpire calls the whistle

Yes: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ----------------- . . | . . . . . . . . . . . | . . | . # . . . . . # . | . . | . # . . . . . # . | . . | . # . . . . . # . | . . | . # . . . . . # . | . . | . . . . . . . . . . . | . . ----------------- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The #s represent two shaded rectangles in the line marked square (sorry for the wiggly line). The square has two lines of symmetry: running centre top to centre bottom & centre left to centre right.

The cast of The Centre Line - 2010 includes: Siobhan Malley as Office Lady Perry Piercy as Mother

In a regular polygon, the apothem is a line from the centre to the mid-point of one of the flat sides. The radius is a line from the centre to a corner, which is longer.

The angle at the circle centre is required. Draw a line from each end of the chord to the circle centre. Draw a line from the centre of the chord to the centre of the circle creating two right angle triangles, the hypotenuse of both = the radius (7 metres). Then > Length of chord = ((Sine ( centre angle / 2 ))* 7) * 2

A radius is a straight line from the circumference (boundary) of a circle to the centre. A diameter is a straight line that goes from the circumference to the centre and then continues until it reaches the circumference of the other side. In a circle, all points on the circumference are the same distance from the centre. As a result, the second part of the diameter is the same as the first. In other words, diameter = radius + radius = 2*radius.

The Jays' dugout is along the third base line at the Rogers Centre, while the opposition dugout is along the first base line.

It usually describes a straight line which passes through the centre of a given shape.

Yes a circle is symmetrical about its diametral line (straight line through its centre).

The imaginary line around the centre of earth.

diameter is a line across the centre of a circle