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Who is the Supreme Commander of Armed forces in India?


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The President of India is the Commander In Chief of Armed forces of India. There is no designation as Supreme Commander in India. C-in- C is the equivalent and comparable designation.

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In India, the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces is the President. As of August 2014, Pranab Mukherjee is the President of India.

Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India, is the commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces

Armed Forces Flag Day in India is on December 7.

Armed forces can pray as they wish in their leisure time and closed holidays.(India)

India's two main potential enemies are China and Pakistan; both of them nuclear powers with effective armed forces of their own. The role of the Indian armed forces is to guard India from possible attack by these nations.

president of India ..... Gaurav from BLR

Every year January 15 is celebrated as the Army Day in India to commemorate the Day, when Gen (later Field Marshal) K M Cariappa became the first Commander-in-Chief of Indian Armed Forces after Independence, taking over the command of Armed Forces from Gen Sir F R R Bucher, the last British Commander-in-Chief, in 1949.

The nations with the strongest military forces today are China, the United states, Russia, and India.

By constitution president, because he is the head of the state and armed forces of india. But in real world its prime minister.

US Army General Eisenhower was the supreme allied commander in the ETO (European Theater of Operations). US Army General MacArthur was the supreme allied commander in the Southwest Pacific of the PTO; US Navy Admiral Nimitz was the supreme allied commander in the remaining portions of the PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations). US Army General Stillwell was the supreme allied commander in the CBI (China, Burma, India Theater of Operations).

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was the supreme commander of INA. INA stands for Indian National Army. It was an Indian nationalist force which aimed to overthrow British rule over India. It was active during the years of World War II.

Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, Poland, France and probably others. He was a member of the armed forces for 50 years.

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In 1784, the British government passed the India Act and took indirect control of the Indian possessions. It appointed a Governor-General, who would have control of the three presidencies. There would also be provincial governors and a Commander-in-Cheif of the armed forces. The EIC continued to trade, but lost most of its administrative powers.

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Active Military Personnel of Indian Armed Forces and their family members travelling at their own expense.

They have different Primer Minister, President, Chiefs of Defense Forces. Indian Supreme Court is Stronger than the Pakistan Supreme Court. There is political interference of defence in Pakistan whereas in India it is never heard of.

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President of India is the head of state. No law can be passed without his/her permission. He/she is also the head of Armed Forces. He/she can even forgive any criminal from death sentence.

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