Who is the actor in the Capital One commercial where a family jumps on a moving train and talks to several homeless men?

Capital One Actor

The voice of one of the homeless men sounds like James Gammon. (He played Nick, the father of Don Johnson's character in Nash Bridges.)

I believe the Actor that says"Thats just Earl" is M.C. Gainey,an actor that plays "Mr Friendly" or "Tom" from the ABC series "Lost"...

Actually, the actor who specifically says the line, "Oh, that's just Earl" for this Capitol One commerical is Grady Lee Richmond, aka Gary Richmond. He also does the voice-over for the Johnson Autogroup commericals of "Grady the Badger". Check out the commercials on youtube. They're hilarious! Here are the actors for the Capitol One commercial:

Hobo 1 - Grady Lee Richmond, "That's just Earl."

Hobo 2 (Earl) - Stig Eldred

Grandmother (gets thrown off the train) - Olivia Prendergast

Dad - Brian Frates

Mom - Beth Kayes

Daughter - Olivia Tennet, "What's that smell?"

Son - Caleb Griffiths