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The actor in the Spiriva commercial with the elephant is Gena Rowlands.

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It's not Tony Dow.

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Q: Who is the actor on Spiriva Commercial with the elephant?
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Who is the Elephant in the Spiriva Commercial?

Rosie from Water For Elephants

Who is the actor on the Spiriva commercial - Tony Dow?

Bogart's wife

Is the elephant physically there in the spiriva commercial?

No, they used computer animation and leather models.

Is there really an elephant in the Spiriva commercial?

Pfizer, which owns Spiriva, confirmed to PETA (who has reached out to the company) that a real elephant WAS used in this ad, not CGI. They did pledge to never do so again.

What is the location of the spiriva commercial where the elephant follows the man around?

Vasquez Rocks County Park, Santa Clarita, California

Who is the new guy in the spiriva commercial?

New York actor Barney Fitzpatrick but, the spot was was shot in Los Angeles with director Steve Chase.

How do they make the Spiriva elephant commercial?

I donot know how do you came to know such of difficult question please tell me the answer of my question where do earthworms wood lice spiders and snail live

Who is little girl in spiriva commercial?

me and my name is Jaylynn

Is the spiriva elephant a real animal?

The real question is... do elephants even exist?

What is the name of the song from the Spiriva commercial?

i don't know but it is very good

Is the woman who does the Spiriva commercial the same as the lady in Throw Momma From the Train?


What is the music in the spiriva commercial?

I think it is from the movie, IQ, but I am not aware of an album from the movie